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VAMETAL beverage systems

We started our activities in the 1997, at the VAMETAL. At that time, we were just installing and repairing wine pouring systems. Following our experience, we soon developed to the leading company in the field in Slovenia.
From the very beginning, the idea was to offer our customers the complete range of diverse beverage pouring devices, so we immediately started to represent producers of barrels, barrel pouring systems, and a variety of beverage distribution and pouring equipment on the whole territory of the former Yougoslavia
Good relationship and our care for the producers soon made us one of the greatest merchants in this part of Europe. We made many efforts to develop wine pouring devices with such a success, but we paid attention on other liquids, like beer and water, too, where we're offering our customers the best worldwide products at a reasonable price.
There are sufficient quantities of products on stock at any time, to assure our customers' needs.


VAMETAL, Brdo 14, 5294 Dornberk, Tel: +386 5 3017762, E-mail: - realizacija A-media